Team Management

Accelerate genuine engagement, productivity, decision-making, outcomes and growth.

Reimagine our daily huddles

by enabling us to prepare and share our plans each day, thereby switching our huddles from a boring talkfest to thoughtful interactions that actually help each other and add value

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Accelerate decision making

and outcomes with pre-configured content hierarchies, social-with- structure and the ability to do ideation, planning, strategy, execution, risks and daily work in one place in one easy UX

Eliminate distractions & noise

by switching us from chat channels to the power of social-around-work, leveraging our custom org design and tagging via social-with-structure

Empower flexible work models

by helping us embrace hybrid, remote and x-border working, whilst reducing onboarding time-to-effective to hours or days, rather than weeks or months

Learn from where our time goes

by allowing us to clock time by custom time codes and work types, then help us learn how to become more effective, happier and less stressed; also, make it easy for us to report or invoice our time

coming soon

Key Features

Pre-configured out of the box

Built-in content hierarchies

Social-around-work to save ½ to 1 day per week per person

Social-with-structure to capture decisions, approvals, questions, requests, tasks, risks & ideas

Live meeting notes

Tasks & workboards


Challenges to crowdsource new ideas & solve problems

Risk management

Content security levels

Private & shared workspaces

Live org chart showing who is working on what

Custom org design to accelerate collaboration and inclusion

Unlimited free guest users

Allow us to grow beyond this

We love knowing we have the option to later upgrade to “my company”

Trusted by top performers at top companies

Love work. Love life.