Take Back Control of Your Time!

Your most valuable resources as team members and leaders.

Your private & work life in one app.

Self Management

Be happier, less stressed & more effective by making the best use of your time, thinking & potential.

Set priorities each week

Then place each day, automatically scheduling my to-do’s around my private & work calendars.

Keep me in control

by applying my preferred order, and allowances for the unexpected, when automatically scheduling my work

Keep me on track

on both my mobile and desktop, with a combined view of my private and work calendars and to-dos, with 1-click to extend time or finish early

Help me to not overcommit

by keeping me updated on what time I will finish today based on all of the things I am hoping to accomplish; help me to avoid stress by letting me know in advance if I need to decline some meetings or delegate/defer work

Learn from where my time goes

by allowing me to clock my time by custom time codes and work types; help me learn how to become more effective, happier, and less stressed

coming soon

Key Features

Live schedule

Month priorities

Longer to-do's

Automation to my preferences

Voice memos

Analyze my time (coming soon)

Combined calendars

Week priorities

Quick to-do's

Lists that can convert to to-do's

Clock my time (coming soon)

Allow me to grow beyond this

I love knowing I have the option to later upgrade to “my team”.

Trusted by top performers at top companies

Your private & work life in one app.