Company Management

Motivate with meaningful context and achieve what you set out to achieve on strategy execution.

Bring to life our strategy

making it easier to articulate and evolve our strategy, in a way that is flexible, live, inclusive and interactive

Engage everyone to win

by helping us bring everyone on the journey, from ideation and planning, through to strategy and execution

Work on the business and in it

by enabling our owners and leaders to improve the business, whilst accelerating decision making and outcomes on all of our work

Eliminate silos

by bringing our x-functional (and x-border) teams into one accelerated workspace, that is naturally organized around our big picture and pre-configured content hierarchies of what needs to be done, rather than chat channels and noise

Embrace inclusiveness

by ensuring we include everyone we need to with collaboration powered by our custom org design, plus give everyone a voice with context, asynchronous contributions, live meeting notes and the anonymous gavel

Drive innovation & new thinking

by capturing ideas directly from conversations and run challenges to solve problems and crowdsource new ideas

Proactively manage risk

by helping us make risk management part of our daily work, including capturing risks directly from conversations, cards and workboards, then easily tracking ownership, status, probability, impact and mitigations

Scale without chaos

by creating a new foundation for how we think about, organize and do work

Learn from where our time goes

by allowing us to clock time by custom time codes and work types, then help us learn how to become more effective, happier and less stressed; also, make it easy for us to report or invoice our time

coming soon

Key Features

Everything in “my team” version

Our why & strategic direction

Live & interactive strategy tree

Objectives & key results

Execution that cascades off the strategy tree and OKRs

Risk management

Live org chart

Custom org design

Allow us to grow beyond this

we love how global best management practices are pre-built into the app, ready for us to apply out-of-the-box

Trusted by top performers at top companies

Love work. Love life.