go from theory to action, #stratapp helps you bring alive Prof. Roger Martin’s best thinking

Great strategy is critical, and it is not a long planning exercise or document.


“Strategy can be simple, fun and effective and is founded on a set of five interrelated and powerful choices that positions an organization to win.”

In his book “Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works”, Prof Roger Martin explains how strategy is a set of interrelated and powerful choices:

  • What is our winning aspiration?
  • Where will we play?
  • How will we win where we have chosen to play?
  • What capabilities must be in place to win?
  • What management systems are required to ensure the capabilities are in place?

You will find 1) to 4) under the “strategy/direction” page inside #stratapp. You then add your corresponding goals hierarchy in the “live strategy tree”, taking a 1 to 3 year horizon, before fleshing out the management systems and resources required.

We’ve made going from theory to action easier for you by linking the “live strategy tree” to monthly or quarterly OKRs (objectives and key results), and then going a step further so you can link those to the day to day work to execute them.

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