go from theory to action, #stratapp helps you bring alive John Doerr’s best thinking

Leaders must get across the why as well as the what – your people need more than milestones for motivation


“When people have conflicting priorities or unclear, meaningless, or arbitrarily shifting goals, they become frustrated, cynical, and demotivated.”

John Doerr’s book and life’s work have given all of us access to the clear thinking and progressive management practices of Intel’s Andy Grove, who was decades ahead of his time. Google has applied the OKR methodology every quarter since 1999, evolving it to two types of OKRs – committed and aspirational. Google expects 100% results on Committed OKRs and about 70% on Aspirational OKRs, the latter deliberately stretching the capabilities of individuals and the organization.

#stratapp allows you to deliver this thinking and capability holistically – not only the part about setting OKRs.

In #stratapp, you start with ideation, then move onto Simon Sinek’s “why” construct. You then lay out the strategic choices on the “direction” page, which applies Prof Roger Martin’s construct. From there you create the plan as a “live strategy tree”, building out a hierarchy of goals with a 1 to 3 year horizon. In doing these 4 steps you achieve John Doerr’s core principle and prerequisite for success – that your people need context to be truly motivated.

From there, with all of the above and next steps happening inside #stratapp, you start to add your month or quarter OKRs. You add these to any level of the “live strategy tree”, as they make sense to your circumstances.

Now the magic. Everything your leaders and their teams are doing to execute those OKRs, also takes place in the same digital workspace. You and your teams are only every 1-click up from the OKR to context, or 1-click down to the action.

The end result:

  • grow faster
  • embrace agile
  • drive innovation
  • scale at speed
  • drive innovation
  • reduce risk

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