Social Without Noise

How many notifications do you receive per hour across Slack, MS Teams, Whatsapp and Email?

It interrupts your rhythm and cadence, kills your productivity and drains everyone’s energy.

It undermines creativity and your space to think and love work.

Imagine social collaboration that is naturally organized around work. 

Imagine a connected workspace where you can immediately see: 

  • the work context, not just the chat thread context
  • where this fits into what others are working on
  • why we are doing this in the first place

It allows you to switch from endless chat chaos to asynchronous communications that will truly add value. 

Your whole company
in your pocket

Effortlessly catch up and engage
… from any device.

Imagine if your social interactions are organized around work with context and structure:

You can immediately see what you’re looking for and everything can move faster.

For example:

“Has anyone asked me a question or made a decision on OKRs or projects in the last 12 hours?”

Do away with endless chat channels and find out what needs to get done immediately.

Are you ready to Go from Talk to Action & Results?

#stratapp is a simple Management App that scales easily as your teams and company evolve.