Our onboarding programs help fast track you to applying global best practices to run your teams and company.  

#stratapp helps you grow and scale faster in one seamless digital workspace, and these programs make getting started easy.

stratapp for consultants

Fixed Priced Consulting Program – 45 days

  • Setting you up for success on strategy+planning+execution
  • Subsidised by our SaaS division, to make it affordable
  • Includes 45 days free access to #stratapp
  • Fixed-price based to the org’s number of employees

Custom Initial Onboarding – 4 hours

  • Getting you going quickly with 2x 2hr workshops
  • $600 for up to 8 attendees

Custom Rollout Training – 2 hours

  • Supporting you on wider company rollouts
  • $300 for up to 8 attendees

Custom Admin Training – 1.5 hours

  • Training 1-2 power users on set-up and settings
  • You may also invite 1-2 internal trainers to attend
  • Free

Weekly Webinar – 1 hour

  • Learn best practices + Q&A
  • Various clients and consultants participating
  • Free