strategy execution with genuine employee engagement

Gallup & Deloitte concluded from a recent 5 year study that no factor has more impact on employee engagement than “clearly defined goals that are written down and shared freely.

#stratapp takes sharing freely to the next level.

Since 2010 the world has seen incredible viral adoption of work collaboration apps. We estimate there are more than 100m users worldwide on the likes of Trello, Asana, Atlassian, Aha! and Basecamp. These clever apps remain mostly unheard of by corporate executives and tier-1 management consultants - and those that have heard of them, have difficulty articulating how they work or why they have become so popular. That is because all of these work collaboration apps were predominantly designed for teams of less than 15 people. By our estimate, 8-15% of employees are skilled in one or more work collaboration apps; usually those employees who work in digital, product or technology functions.

#stratapp changes everything, bringing this global innovation to add value to 100% of employees. We have improved on best practices and UX design to make these powerful work collaboration capabilities available to all levels of the organisation, including varying employee aptitudes towards technology. We have also added the categorisation, filters, sort, search, org structure and security features you expect as an org-wide app for 5 to 500,000 employees.

We then made these global best practices in work collaboration, the underlying org-wide experience for collaborating on strategy and execution - designed in a way that meets the expectations of both the current and next generation workforce.

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