strategy execution powered by live meetings notes and actions to your workspace

Eliminate double handling and deliver on accountability.

When you attend a meeting or conference call, know that the actions from that meeting will automatically appear in your workspace. No need for you to go back to the original notes. Plus in a few clicks, you can immediately track what has been delegated to you versus what you have delegated to others. The same goes for the other modules within #stratapp. For example, if you are reviewing a strategic goal or operational risk, any tasks added to that card will automatically appear in your workspace.

How often do you attend a meeting where everyone is writing down their own interpretation of the notes, and the actions. Inside #stratapp Notes, you can add private notes, and with the other attendees you can together edit and agree the live notes. The meeting has a purpose and an agenda, plus a clock that times how long has been spent on each agenda item or sub-item.

Drive efficiencies at all levels and improve the experience for all attendees - before, during and after the meeting.

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