strategy execution powered by collaboration with clients, partners and suppliers

#stratapp allows you to add, for free, guest users who are external to your organization.

With #stratapp, you can collaborate in real-time with your clients, partners and suppliers, within the context of strategy and day to day work.

Guest users cannot see your headlines, heatmap, strategy, OKRs or content they have not been invited to. Security also factors in paid versus guests users. On Secret items in #stratapp, only the owner can add new members. On Top Secret items, guest users cannot be added.

With #stratapp, you can consolidate all communications into one place. Notes from meetings and calls can be immediately added to the relevant card or workboard. Actions from those meetings will automatically appear in your workspace, and theirs.

#stratapp allows you to elevate client, partner and supplier relationships to become collaborative, transparent and aligned to mutual objectives and agreed plans.

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