strategy execution designed around what you already know

With #stratapp, you do not need to learn new management practices, methodologies or terms.

#stratapp applies what most CEOs, executives, managers and team leaders already know.

The strategic plan cascades as: goals > objectives > actions > projects.

At each tree level you can assign different owners, teams, workboards, tasks and KPIs.

KPIs can be strategic or day to day, quantitative or qualitative. KPIs can be viewed as their own hierarchical tree (which automatically overlay onto a Live Org Chart), indented list or balanced scorecard.

The #stratapp Live Org Chart allows for direct and indirect reporting lines, the latter for 2nd hat roles or matrix reporting.

As you would expect, risks are tracked on status, probability, impact and mitigations.

#stratapp live notes come with a purpose, agenda and clock.

Meeting actions automatically appear in your workspace - so if you attend six meetings in a day, you don’t need to go back to the notes of each meeting to see your actions.

Every module in #stratapp tracks the creator, owner and assignor, with powerful filters, sort and search across the whole app - so you can easily follow-up on work you have assigned to others or what you are responsible for right now.

Everything you need, 10-apps-in-one as a seamless user experience.

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