Your 15-in-1 next-gen connected workspace

One app made to grow your business. A next-gen connected workspace
to help your teams work smarter and faster.

15-in-1 agile digital workplace

Grow Faster

Empower your teams to get ahead of the competition. #stratapp is here to help you close deals and respond to new market opportunities, the agile way.

grow faster

Live Workboards

Reduce clutter and manage projects with Kanban-style work boards where every task is tracked and linked to target outcomes.


Live Meeting Notes

Who says meetings can’t be fun? Here’s one next-gen connected workspace that helps your team collaborate and add value to their work. 


Social Around Work

Collaborate with your team on work that needs to be done. Reduce the noise of endless chat channels and enjoy social collaborations organized around work. 

Elevate Talent

Build high-performing agile teams to execute your goals. #stratapp will help your company create an agile leadership framework with live and interactive insights. 


Strategy Templates

Bring to life the philosophies of thought leaders with quick and easy strategy templates from Richard Rumelt, Simon Sinek and Prof. Roger Martin.


Live Strategy Tree

Fuel a culture that embraces the agile mindset with a cascading live strategy tree that encourages collaboration across ideation, planning, strategy and execution.


Automatic Connections

Seamlessly connect ideation, direction and strategy to your team’s daily tasks, with a frictionless next-gen connected workspace that empowers an agile team. 



Embrace an agile mindset in your very own next-gen connected workspace. Create your own easy access custom layouts on how you want to organize your work. 


Crowdsource ideas from employees, customers and suppliers.

Run challenges to create new opportunities and energize problem solving.

Achieve a culture of innovation and learning, to grow and scale the business faster.

Inspired by the philosophies of Simon Sinek, Ray Dalio, Prof. Roger Martin, Ricardo Semler, Richard Rumelt, and John Doerr


Articulate your why and direction, with easy frameworks your employees can engage on.

Establish the context you need to inform strategy.

Connect ideation to strategy and execution, in one next-gen connected workspace.

Align and motivate everyone within days.

Inspired by the philosophies of Simon Sinek, Ray Dalio, Prof. Roger Martin, Ricardo Semler, Richard Rumelt, and John Doerr

Drive Innovation

Engage employees with tools they need to innovate. #stratapp will channel your team’s strategic ideas to drive innovation with context and clarity. 



Capture ideas everywhere. Drive inclusiveness together with Ray Dalio’s radical transparency, by automatically organizing collaboration of ideas around work. 



Run challenges to crowdsource new ideas and to inspire innovation. Engage everyone in one agile workspace to help you solve problems and to create new opportunities.


Private Workspace

Organize your days and weeks to best suit how you work, whilst making sure you add value to your teams. Personalize how you categorize and schedule your involvement with others.


Make strategy easy to understand, live and interactive for everyone.

Engage the hearts and minds of employees, without creating rigid expectations or hurdles.

Move away from static docs that people ignore.

Embrace agile, move forward at speed whilst eliminating chaos and reducing risk.

Inspired by the philosophies of Simon Sinek, Ray Dalio, Prof. Roger Martin, Ricardo Semler, Richard Rumelt, and John Doerr

Scale at Speed

Boost team productivity to turn goals into results. #stratapp creates strategic scaling options by bringing everyone together in one agile next-gen connected workspace. 


Seamless Experience

Streamline all your work-related tasks in one app that meets all your needs. Everything you need to manage, plan and execute your tasks in a 15-in-1 next-gen connected workspace is here for you and your team. 



Keep your teams focused on outcomes and align objectives and key results by month or by quarter. OKRs are connected to your team’s evolving strategy and plans, including the daily work needed to get them done. 


Social Collaboration

Enjoy team collaboration around social that is naturally organized around the actual work taking place. Cut through the noise of endless chats and be part of conversations that are structured on how you think and work. 


Empower your teams to achieve goal-oriented results in just one app.

Connect your strategy to meaningful daily work.

Align and motivate everyone.
Create positive transparency, collaboration and accountability, without micro-management and tracking people.

Inspired by the philosophies of Simon Sinek, Ray Dalio, Prof. Roger Martin, Ricardo Semler, Richard Rumelt, and John Doerr

Reduce Risk

Develop empowered and resilient teams that minimize risks. #stratapp will help you to embrace proactive risk management, without creating an admin burden.


Risk Cards

Proactively make risk management a natural part of your business operations. Risk cards can be added to any card or workboard to help teams collaborate on risk mitigation. 


Risk Ownership

Assign and cascade ownership of risks within your teams. Easily track the status of risks. Immediately access the work taking place on mitigations. 

Are you ready to grow your business and scale at speed?

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