strategy execution powered by ideation, tapping to talent at all levels

When do the best ideas hit us? Certainly not during quarterly or annual surveys!

Ideas live and breathe with us everyday. It could be during an internal or external meeting, commute to work, inflight or when our kids come up with a new way of doing things.

Capture ideas on the go, inside #stratapp. Engage others to contribute to or review your ideas. Add your ideas to other cards and workboards inside #stratapp.

Or, you can frame a challenge and select who you want to participate. Articulate a problem or opportunity you are trying to solve, and then crowdsource ideas from others to help solve it.

Ideation is powerful, and once again with #stratapp you don’t need to be sending your employees to yet another app. Ideas and Challenges are seamless features inside #stratapp, that anyone can use to help drive performance on both strategy and day to day work.

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connects to

culture elevation

  • radical transparency and trust
  • real-time alignment and collaboration

next gen ready

  • by 2025 more than 75% of employees are y-gen / millennials
  • asking y-gen to collaborate via email and static docs, is like asking all of us to go back to using fax machines

employee productivity

  • 15-30% increase in productivity
  • provide every employee the tools to succeed
  • attract and retain the best talent, for the right reasons

business performance

  • 15-30% increase in business valuation
  • de-risk and make the business agile
  • execute strategy and daily work above expectations

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