strategy execution driven by OKRs

Success on strategy executions requires us to balance strategy execution with daily work. #stratapp solves this balance in one seamless digital workspace.

OKRs, brought to fame by John Doerr and the founders of Google, are brilliant for driving strategy execution.

In #stratapp, OKRs become a natural part of each day, because they are part of the same digital workspace. You don’t have to open another single-use-app to update them.

You can cascade the OKR hierarchy, separate to the strategy tree hierarchy. As beautifully articulated by Richard Rumelt in Good Strategy Bad Strategy, setting targets is not a strategy.

The strategy tree reflects your strategy. OKRs drive execution.

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culture elevation

  • radical transparency and trust
  • real-time alignment and collaboration

next gen ready

  • by 2025 more than 75% of employees are y-gen / millennials
  • asking y-gen to collaborate via email and static docs, is like asking all of us to go back to using fax machines

employee productivity

  • 15-30% increase in productivity
  • provide every employee the tools to succeed
  • attract and retain the best talent, for the right reasons

business performance

  • 15-30% increase in business valuation
  • de-risk and make the business agile
  • execute strategy and daily work above expectations

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