our mobile app applies Steve Jobs’ passion for thumb browsing

#stratapp puts “your company in your pocket!”

That phrase is not our only inspiration from the late Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs had a passion for smartphone UX design that takes into account user mode (what they are trying to achieve) and physical interaction (how they interact with devices). His thinking was that in certain user modes (e.g. couch surfing), the primary navigation on smartphones should be within thumb reach, and easily workable with the device held in only one hand.

#stratapp has embraced this design philosophy, soon discovering that it is easier said than done once the user travels below the first level nav. 11 design iterations later, we cracked it.

Firstly, we have made sure that the mobile versions (IOS and Android) are rich in functionality, rather than a minimalist version of the desktop app. Why? People are increasingly mobile and #stratapp is an integral part of their everyday work. So you will find on the mobile apps, nearly every feature you see on desktop.

Our primary nav on mobile scrolls left-right at the screen bottom, with thumbs easily reaching the level 2 and 3 nav just above that.

When you open the mobile app, we assume you are on the move, in a cafe/bar/restaurant or kicking back on the sofa. So the primary nav on the landing screen, takes you straight to what you are most likely to browse with one hand: social, alerts, notifications and pinned items.

The second mobile screen takes you straight to day to day work – what you have on this week, notes, tasks and boards.

The third screen brings up headlines, the strategic plan, KPIs and people.

As you dive into each aspect of the app, we keep to the philosophy of Steve Jobs. Sub-menus, filters and back-buttons are within thumb reach, and can be operated with one hand. However, when you go from couch surfing to performing work (e.g. typing a message, adding a task or creating a meeting note), the navigation and cursor placement assume you are now in a different user mode and holding the device with two hands.

By applying these design principles, we have strived to deliver a mobile experience akin to progressive consumer apps. Thereby hopefully exceeding the expectations of all ages, from y-generation interns through to seasoned executives.

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connects to

culture elevation

  • radical transparency and trust
  • real-time alignment and collaboration

next gen ready

  • by 2025 more than 75% of employees are y-gen / millennials
  • asking y-gen to collaborate via email and static docs, is like asking all of us to go back to using fax machines

employee productivity

  • 15-30% increase in productivity
  • provide every employee the tools to succeed
  • attract and retain the best talent, for the right reasons

business performance

  • 15-30% increase in business valuation
  • de-risk and make the business agile
  • execute strategy and daily work above expectations

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