A daily huddle agenda is a quick and efficient way for teams to stay aligned, share progress and collaborate on priorities. To make the most of your daily huddle, it’s essential to have a progressive agenda that covers key areas of focus. Here’s an example of a progressive daily huddle agenda:

Agenda #1 – Yesterday

The first item on the daily huddle agenda takes place before the daily huddle starts. Go to the sharing page and look at everyone’s day yesterday. This allows team members to get a sense of what each other worked on and any challenges or wins they had. It also helps identify potential blockers that might impact today’s work.

Agenda #2 – Priorities

The second item on the daily huddle agenda takes place when the meeting starts. On the sharing page check your respective priorities for the week. This step ensures everyone is on the same page and has a clear understanding of what’s important.


Agenda #3 – Today

The third item on the daily huddle agenda is to then, by person, look at each person’s day on that sharing page (with each person talking to the highlights, rather than the whole day). Take a moment to exchange ideas and ways to help each other. This helps to identify opportunities for collaboration and support, as well as aligning everyone’s priorities.

Agenda #4 – Capacity

The fourth item on the daily huddle agenda is to look at the overall team capacity and sharing of work for today and the remainder of this week. In the screenshot above you can see the capacity calculation at the top right of each person’s column. This helps identify any potential bottlenecks or capacity constraints, allowing the team to adjust priorities and allocate resources as needed.

Agenda #5 – Good News

The fifth and final item on the daily huddle agenda is to finish off with any positive news to share (personal or work). This helps to foster a positive team culture and celebrate wins and accomplishments.

Free Daily Huddles App

By following a progressive daily huddle agenda like this one, teams can stay aligned, focused and engaged, while also promoting collaboration and a positive team culture. stratappsaas.com is a free-for-individuals work-life balance app that makes it easy for you to make your daily huddles awesome.

The app updates your capacity and planned finish time as your day progresses. It automatically schedules your to-do’s around your work and personal calendar events. Not only that, it presents all of this to you on one screen on your mobile and one page on your desktop and if you have an assistant they can help manage your day by accessing the desktop view.

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