In today’s business landscape, managing risk means being proactive and staying ahead of potential issues. An interactive risk management app is a powerful tool that allows you to track and log risks in real-time, providing you with the insights you need to make informed decisions and stay on top of potential problems. Here’s what an interactive risk log looks like on

Risk Management App

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One of the primary benefits of an interactive risk management app is the ability to provide context. #stratapp seamlessly integrates risk management into your daily strategic and operational tasks. There’s no need to switch to another app or platform: it becomes an organic part of your workday, regardless of your level or role.

Probability and Impact

There should be a comprehensive view of each risk, including the likelihood and potential impact on your business. Assessing the probability and impact of a risk is a critical step in any risk management process. With this information, you can prioritize your response and allocate resources to the most critical risks.

Risk Management Mitigations

An interactive risk log allows you to consolidate and recommend mitigation actions to address the risks. This feature in #stratapp ensures that you stay on top of your risk management efforts and motivate everyone to have their voices heard. More so, #stratapp allows you to create a related task or even a workboard for a specific team member to manage the risk or create a contingency plan in case the risk does occur.

Free Risk Management App

Imagine filtering and tracking risks globally or locally by unlimited combinations of geography, levels, functions, verticals and horizontals. Learn more about the components that make up the risk cards that sit inside #stratapp.