The challenge comes down to people – having everyone aligned, engaged and motivated on the same end game. If you think about it, there are apps for almost everything (CRM, service/support, finance, HR, supply chain, projects and social), but there has never been a simple app for actually running the company – providing real-time clarity and context for everyone. #stratapp is that app. #stratapp makes life way easier for owners/CEOs and their employees.

a natural flow, as easy as this

Strategy execution wins with bottom-up engagement and real-time alignment, in a way that flows naturally as employees collaborate on day-to-day work. Let’s imagine you’re a team leader or mid-level manager. You open your workspace inside #stratapp. You see a task due Thursday that says “select workshop venue”. You’re busy and you can’t remember where that task came from, so you click and see all collaboration taking place on that task. Nothing fancy right? Sounds like a task app. Nope, read on. You see the source of the task is a meeting. You click and see the meeting:

  • purpose (“agree next steps for the supply chain review”)
  • agenda
  • live notes
  • actions
  • social conversations
  • files and links

… everything at your fingertips. Now you understand the context of the task. It’s making sense. But then you think, why were we having this meeting in the first place? You see the source of the meeting is a strategic action to “reduce supply chain costs”. It’s making more sense now! In one click, you see all collaboration taking place on that strategic action. Now you’re curious! What’s behind the strategic action? One-click and you’re at the strategic objective above it to “improve gross profit through product and supply chain innovation”.

consistent user experience

A beautiful thing about #stratapp is how the user experience is consistent as you move across those:

  • tasks
  • meetings
  • strategic actions
  • strategic objectives

The same consistency applies to all features inside #stratapp:

  • OKRs
  • ideas
  • challenges
  • risks
  • project workboards

easy to implement

A consistent user experience means minimal or no end-user training – and happy employees. Not only that, you can roll out the app in phases. Yes, that’s right, you can turn different parts of the app on for individual users and/or select teams based on your unique org design.

connected workspace

Imagine the power of 5, 10, 50, 500 or 50,000 employees aligned on the same priorities and plans, able to see in real-time exactly where their day-to-day work fits in and the impact. #stratapp allows you, and everyone around you, to focus on what really matters:

end result

You don’t need to micro-manage, rely on retrospective reporting or integrate 10 different systems – the work, alignment and productivity flows naturally – in one simple app. One simple app to run the company. To learn more visit