Welcome to the new age of tech that powers effective daily huddles with colleagues. This article will take a closer look at how to revolutionize the way you plan and conduct your daily huddles.

Effective Daily Huddle Tip #1: Prepare Your Schedule

An effective daily huddle prep starts even before the actual meeting. Attendees prepare their schedules beforehand. Each member should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What’s my priority for the week? Month?
  • What are the tasks that I need to complete for today?
  • How long should I spend on each task?
  • What’s my capacity for the day?
  • What’s the order in which I should prioritize my tasks?

All these are easy within #stratapp. The left side of the screen displays weekly and monthly priorities, while the right side shows daily to-dos. By dragging and dropping your tasks, you can automatically update your schedule for the day. The schedule includes your personal calendar in yellow and your work calendar in blue. The app also finds gaps to schedule your to-dos based on the times you estimate, making it easy for you to manage your workload. You can also see your capacity for the day, which helps you stay in control of how many hours you want to work.

Effective Daily Huddle Tip #2: Sharing your Schedule with Team Members

An effective daily huddle enables trust and visibility. #stratapp allows you to share your schedule with team members. On the sharing page, you can see who has spare capacity and delegate tasks accordingly. The app automatically removes personal and confidential information, making it safe and easy to share. By seeing the order in which your team members plan to work on their tasks, you can quickly identify potential issues and provide support where necessary. The sharing feature is a powerful tool for team leaders, enabling them to coach their team and ensure everyone is working effectively.

Free App to Run Effective Daily Huddles

Effective daily huddles ensure everyone is on the same page. With stratappsaas.com, you can take control of your day, delegate tasks and collaborate with team members seamlessly. By using the app to share your schedule and priorities, you can quickly identify areas where you can collaborate and delegate tasks. The focus of the huddle is on helping each other, rather than simply updating everyone on what you did yesterday and what you plan to do today. Why not try it out today and see the difference for yourself?