Are you looking to improve your workplace productivity? In this article, we’ll cover the four drivers of workplace productivity: clarity, speed, innovation and culture. And how is designed with these four drivers in mind.

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Workplace Productivity Driver #1: Clarity

Let’s talk about the first workplace productivity driver – clarity. Are we working on the right things and are we able to maintain that clarity as we’re going forward? addresses this issue by incorporating Simon Sinek’s “why” layout, the direction from Prof Roger Martin and the strategy tree into its app. This way, users can balance working on strategy and objectives (OKRs) – thus still working on strategic imperatives whilst executing short-term objectives. For most organizations, the strategy tree will span a horizon of 1, 3 or 5 years, whereas OKRs will usually be quarterly.

Workplace Productivity Driver #2: Speed

Secondly, speed is essential to workplace productivity. With #stratapp, users can cascade their content from the strategy tree and objectives, making it easy to onboard new team members quickly. This is because all the work takes place in a content hierarchy, rather than in membership-based chat channels. Everything is transparent and hangs off the same framework, making it easy to stay productive.  Whilst you can mark these interactive workspaces as confidential or secret, the default is visible as we seek to achieve org-wide engagement on the bigger picture.

Workplace Productivity Driver #3: Innovation

Thirdly, innovation is critical in driving workplace productivity. With #stratapp, users can use the app’s risk management and idea modules to identify and track risks and ideas straight out of social conversations. #stratapp’s decision-making built-in features allow users to identify risks, request decisions, request approvals and identify opportunities to improve work.

Workplace Productivity Driver #4: Culture

Lastly, culture is the most important workplace productivity driver and #stratapp has tackled this issue head-on. With everything pre-configured and connected, new staff members can quickly get up to speed, remote staff feels more connected, and cross-border teams or hybrid working in multiple locations is seamless.

Free App to Drive Workplace Productivity

In conclusion, is designed with workplace productivity in mind. By addressing the four drivers of productivity, #stratapp makes it easy for teams to stay productive, collaborate and innovate, no matter where they are located.