strategy should constantly be evolving – not static or annual.

This article on evolving strategy as you learn goes to the heart of #stratapp.

We wholeheartedly agree and go further to say that strategy should be given a heartbeat, freed from static documents that are out of date within weeks and soon forgotten by the next quarter. Enter #stratapp, where your strategy and execution can be transparently evolved in real-time.

“What is new is the idea that closing the gap between strategy and execution may not be about better execution after all, but rather about better learning — about more dialogue between strategy and operations, a greater flow of information from customers to executives, and more experiments. In today’s fast-paced world, strategy as learning must go hand in hand with execution as learning — bypassing the idea that either a strategy or the execution is flawed — to recognize that both are necessarily flawed and both are valuable sources of learning, improvement, and reinvention.”