#stratapp and Microsoft Teams Integration

Stratappsaas.com and Microsoft Teams have teamed up to bring organizations an exciting new integration that can transform the way teams work together. With the Stratappsaas.com and Microsoft Teams integration, organizations can connect the strategy and objectives to daily work, providing everyone with meaningful context and a genuine sense of purpose.

Set up the integration with Microsoft Teams

The #stratapp integration on Microsoft Teams is very easy: all you have to do is search for “stratapp” from the Apps directory and login to #stratapp. From there you can access everything you want on #stratapp — for instance, you can create a new card, search for a task, move cards, add pictures to cards, and basically everything else that you can normally do on #stratapp.

Once you log in, you’re all set to use the integration. The #stratapp logo (in the message composer) will show as available in all teams, chats and channels. Clicking the logo will show a search bar, and an option to add tasks and recent searches. Easy peasy!

Microsoft Teams

Create new action items within Microsoft Teams

Users can create tasks directly within Microsoft Teams, making task management even more seamless. This integration enables team members to create tasks, assign them to specific team members and set due dates directly from Microsoft Teams.

This integration eliminates the need for teams to switch between different applications, saving time and increasing productivity. All you have to do is click the #stratapp logo on the message composer, select the “Create a Task” button and add your desired task details.

Collaborate Around Work

The #stratapp and Microsoft Teams integration not only allows users to create tasks within Microsoft Teams but also provides the ability to search for tasks directly from the platform. Users can access #stratapp’s task search functionality within Microsoft Teams, making it easier to find specific tasks across the app.

You can easily find and attach a task right into any Microsoft Teams conversation:

  1. Click the #stratapp Add-In logo in a channel in the message composer.
  2. Search for a task in the taskbar or access quick tasks from recent searches and cards.
  3. Select the task to display its rich details in the channel.

Microsoft Teams

Quickly make requests, decisions and approvals

Microsoft Teams

Strategy execution is all about actioning requests, decisions and approvals.

The integration provides users with the ability to comment on tasks within Microsoft Teams, making collaboration even more accessible. This integration allows team members to communicate about specific tasks directly from Microsoft Teams, making it easier to discuss updates, ask questions and provide feedback. It follows the same comment type options from #stratapp wherein users can request decisions, responses or approvals!

Microsoft Teams

Users can also receive notifications about new comments, ensuring that they stay up-to-date with task progress. This integration streamlines communication and enhances collaboration, reducing the risk of miscommunication and improving overall team performance.

With #stratapp app, you can simply achieve productivity, engagement, and strategy execution in the comfort of your chat channels!