At #stratapp, we started to think about how to engage 100% of employees, rather than only those folks who are lucky enough to be inside the strat-dev circle. Why? The historical challenge for team leaders has not been a lack of ideas or the process of strategy development. The challenge is strategy execution and collaboration. Here’s how #stratapp helps make strategy & execution consistently exceed expectations.

#1 Big picture context for everyone on your team

Everyone on your team feels part of something bigger than themselves and can see exactly where their work fits in

#2 Strategy becomes easy and tangible

No more static documents and presentations that are quickly out of date and forgotten. Your strategy is alive and interactive, including cascading objectives and the work taking place to execute the strategy.

#3 No context or UX switching

Everything from strategy to objectives, projects, tasks, risks, ideas, challenges and meetings co-exists in one seamless experience.  Each card type has the same UX, so you can work at speed with a fast time-to-value.

#4 Built-in innovation & crowdsourcing

Capture ideas on the go, then centrally manage those ideas through an ideation funnel.  Run challenges to crowdsource new ideas to solve problems or create opportunities.

#5 Built-in risk management

Capture risks on the go (straight from social or as related cards), then centrally manage those risks on impact, probability and mitigation

#6 Shared and private workspaces

Provide everyone with context and fast collaboration, whilst still empowering team members to plan their own time

#7 Content hierarchies

Making it easy to work exactly the way your team wants to (e.g. adding a workboard below a task on a workboard)

#8 Social around work

Eliminate the noise and distractions of chat channels, switch to social-around-work to accelerate execution and new team member onboarding, whilst leveraging built-in tags for questions, decisions, approvals, requests, etc.

#9 Built-in custom org design

You don’t have to type people’s names to collaborate and no one gets left behind.  Also includes a live org chart or work and powerful filters.

#10 Built-in live meeting notes

Including a purpose, timed agenda, live shared notes, private prep notes, an anonymous gavel, live reactions, meeting actions that schedule to your private workspace, social collaboration, files, links and related cards

#11 Pricing

All-inclusive full access for only $4.90 to $6.90 per person per month