y-gen / millennials are just magic, a breath of fresh air we can all learn from

At the link below is an excellent interview with Simon Sinek on Inside Quest.

In our view, the next generation workforce is just magic, a breath of fresh air. They are all about collaboration and interaction. They don’t mind sharing real time drafts of work in progress. They hate pretending to work and they don’t go looking for work that doesn’t make sense. Contrary to us older folks, they actually love transparency and accountability. They just want it to be real. Not vague goals or ambiguous roles. They want clarity.

#stratapp gives them clarity, like never before. #stratapp makes it easy for them to contribute to the work of others and to see exactly where they fit in with what the organization is trying to achieve.

Sure, part of y-gen’s motivation is to learn and progress, but there is a deeper, more complex driver to why millennials think and act this way. #stratapp frees them.

How many executives and senior managers do you hear say they were up at 5 am this morning, or late Sunday night, catching up on email? Y-generation detests this behaviour and the culture it promotes. For them, replying to 100 emails per day is not work – it is a waste of time.

For y-generation: email = reset password,

… so you can get back into the application you want to use!

#stratapp kills internal email. #stratapp helps switch the whole organization to social collaboration, however, #stratapp is the first application to do this with context and structure. That is, the social conversations in #stratapp take place within the relevant context of strategy and day-to-day work. Not only that, the social posts have structure, making it easy for anyone at any level to quickly filter conversations by attributes such as decisions, questions, approvals, ideas and risks.

#stratapp uniquely meets the expectations of both current and next-generation workers.