How to achieve strategic alignment at all levels, roles and generations.

“All too often, individual leaders seek — indeed are incentivized — to protect and optimize their own domains, and find themselves locked in energy-sapping internal turf wars, rather than working with peers to align and improve across the entire enterprise.”

#stratapp helps cut through this age old dilemma, by bringing the last 7 years of global innovation on social and work collaboration apps, to an org-wide experience that sits within a relevant context of the strategic vision, goals and execution plans. That is, we have found a way to make that 7 years of global innovation suitable to mid-market and large corporates, in one seamless UX.

There is no better cure for this energy-sapping trait of human behaviour, than real-time transparency and collaboration at all levels of the organization, within a context of strategy and day to day execution.

Without the strategic context and alignment provided by #stratapp, social and work collaboration tools just add more noise.