How to improve your board meetings

Board meetings

Are you a Company Director? Ever wondered why Board Meetings still run as they did in the 1990s?

Imagine this:
– all board comms sitting in one place, before and after each board meeting (not just access to file drives, I’m talking about all comms, human interaction!)
– a private workspace to do your own individual prep, prior to each board meeting
– a timed agenda and live meetings notes during the board meeting, so there is an efficient use of time and absolute clarity on director resolutions and what is being recorded for the meeting minutes (even more important for private equity-funded and public companies)
– easily tracking meeting actions assigned to directors or subsequently delegated
– during the meeting, no matter where they are physically attending from, all directors are able to see a live view of the:

  • strategy [direction, why, vision and interactive strategy tree]
  • objectives & key results dashboard by month or quarter
  • execution of the strategy, including how ownership and work are cascaded
  • innovation dashboard, including crowdsourcing new ideas
  • challenges posed by management to the board, to maximize the value from board meetings (per the thought leadership of Harry Stebbings)
  • risks & mitigations log [a responsibility of directors that in my experience is nearly always skipped or at best glossed over in board meetings]

Imagine everything listed above having clear ownership and 1-click to access the detailed work taking place below it, so there is absolute clarity and direct alignment between the board, executive management, team leaders and teams; obviously with security levels to protect access to sensitive content.

When answering questions from directors the CEO/MD/management team can immediately pull up the source content/status/work-in-progress.

I find most board meetings run now as they did in the 1990s. Management is stuck in a similar mode, which is not great for scaling at speed, driving innovation, growing x-border and hybrid teams, and successfully managing strategy execution and key people and operational changes.

You can Fix All This pretty much overnight with, at a price that makes it a no-brainer. #stratapp also offers global best practices coaching and onboarding support from an awesome team, and wherever possible one of our co-founders will participate in person in at least one of your onboarding sessions because we love learning from our customers.

PS The other thing #stratapp provides directors and management is a meaningful way for you to encourage and actually support the work-life balance of your employees. How? The app auto-schedules their to-do’s around their work and personal calendars, and updates them on their capacity and planned finish time, based on their progress and everything they hope to achieve today. We will soon be releasing a daily huddles version of this, to make those efficient and effective, just like we have for board meetings!