#stratapp is a revolutionary app designed to help organizations create and execute their strategies with ease, leading to higher productivity. The app’s features make it easy to manage time, assign tasks and collaborate with team members, making it an ideal solution for companies of all sizes. With its user-friendly interface, unique features and comprehensive strategy management tools, #stratapp is the future of business management.

Time Management

At an individual level, the app empowers time management, work-life balance and getting things done. With this feature, users can see their weekly and monthly priorities, quick to-dos, longer to-dos and schedule all in one place. It considers the user’s personal and work calendars and automatically schedules the day for them. This allows users to see exactly what they need to do and when and helps to ensure that they stay on track throughout the day.

Team Sharing


The team-sharing page is another unique feature that makes daily huddles awesome. It removes personal priorities, personal to-do’s and personal calendars from the shared view and also removes items that are confidential. Team members can share and collaborate in real-time and you can see how everyone has planned the day. This feature is great for team members and team leaders as it helps redistribute work and assign tasks according to capacity – as the app automatically calculates the capacity for each team member.



#stratapp also includes a powerful strategy execution tool, so teams can set out their goals and objectives for the next one, three, five or ten years. This provides meaningful context and allows everyone to participate in the process, from the CEO down to individual team members. This is particularly important for the next generation of workers, who want to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. Everyone is aligned, can see what’s happening, and there’s no confusion, silos or excuses.



Once businesses have set out their goals, they can use #stratapp to lay out their objectives and key results (OKRs) for the quarter. The app provides a simple and intuitive way to set out these objectives and ensures that they are aligned with the company’s overall strategy. Users can drill down into each objective to see the details and even execute on them directly within the app.

Risk Management

risk management

The app also has risk management built-in. You can manage security levels, privacy and work on mitigations all in one place. You can capture ideas just like risks, automatically from all the conversations rolled up into a dashboard, again with confidentiality, and progress those ideas through the stages funnel at the bottom.



#stratapp also includes a powerful ideation tool, which allows users to capture ideas and suggestions from conversations and meetings. The app automatically rolls up these ideas into a dashboard, which can then be progressed through the various stages of the funnel. Businesses can even run ideation competitions, often referred to as crowdsourcing, either within their team or across the entire company, to encourage innovation and creativity.



#stratapp makes it easy to schedule and manage meetings, with a built-in calendar that integrates seamlessly with the time management tool. Users can schedule meetings directly from their to-do list, and can even see the availability of other team members. This helps to ensure that meetings are productive and efficient, and that everyone is on the same page.

The Live Meeting Notes feature allows you to collaborate live with other meeting participants. This includes the meeting title, what it belongs to, purpose, a timed agenda, meeting actions, files and links, social with structure and a place to privately prepare for each meeting.



#stratapp includes a powerful workboard tool, which allows users to manage tasks and projects in real time. The app provides a simple and intuitive way to set out tasks, assign them to team members and track their progress. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that need to manage multiple projects at once, as it ensures that everything is organized and on track.

Most importantly, workboards fit within your own flexible content hierarchy.  For example, your workboard may hang below a goal on the strategy tree, so the workboard has a meaningful context.  You can also build a content hierarchy downward.  For example, below a task on the workboard you may add another task, then below that risk, and below that risk a meeting with actions.  Everyone instantly has meaningful context to the work they are doing, which you can imagine is extremely powerful for team motivation, engagement, clarity, decision making and speed of execution.

User Experience


The app lays everything out in a way that everyone has meaningful context and can participate. Each goal is a card in its own right, and you can jump in and execute it all in the same experience.