Productivity can make or break a business, while inclusion can enhance innovation, creativity and team morale. Fortunately, has the features to help organizations achieve both.

Productivity Boost #1: Eliminate Sources of Procrastination

One of the biggest challenges to productivity is stress and procrastination. With, teams can stay organized, prioritize tasks and track progress, reducing stress and avoiding procrastination.

Productivity Boost #2: Reduce Excessive Communication

Another time-wasting factor and productivity killer in the workplace is excessive communication. Emails, chats, meetings and calls can be overwhelming, distracting and inefficient. offers a centralized platform for social-around-work, enabling teams to collaborate and communicate more efficiently. This reduces the need for endless emails and meetings, freeing up time for more meaningful work.

Productivity Boost #3: Streamline Decision Making

Faster decision-making is another key benefit of With all team members on the same page, informed decisions can be made quickly, without the need for endless back-and-forth communication. It also allows filters for conversations that require your immediate decision and approval requests. This eliminates bottlenecks and reduces friction, enabling teams to move forward faster and achieve better outcomes.

Productivity Boost #4: Promote Transparency

In addition to productivity, also promotes inclusion. Asynchronous communication further enhances inclusion, enabling team members to contribute on their own schedule and in their own way. Next-gen social features also foster inclusion by providing a space for teams to share ideas or even escalate operational risks.

Free Time Management App for Productivity and Inclusion is the ultimate solution for organizations looking to boost productivity and foster inclusion. By providing a centralized platform for strategy, execution and daily work, teams can work faster, smarter and more efficiently. With asynchronous social-around-work, next-gen social features and time management, inclusion is built into the platform.