Remote work has become a norm for many businesses across the globe. With this new era of remote work, comes new challenges of how to create value both at the individual and team levels. This unique balance solves the age-old strategy execution problems of communication silos, resistance, confusion, diluted focus, slow decisions, fatigue and apathy. It also powers operations to scale successfully with an evolving mix of onsite, hybrid, remote and cross-border teams.

Bottom-up strategy execution

The traditional approach of top-down strategy and execution has resulted in retrospective tracking tools that lose adoption by employees and leaders. Stratapp, a unique strategy and OKR app offers a bottom-up approach that focuses on creating value for every employee every day, including supporting them in remote work.

Personalized Everyday Experience

One of the key features of Stratapp is its personalized approach. The app adds personalized value to every employee every day, which is necessary to achieve genuine and sustainable engagement in strategy execution during remote work. This is achieved with time management, social-with-structure and pre-configured content hierarchies that span both strategic and daily remote work in one experience while adding value to other apps.

One User Experience and Pre-Configured Modules

The app also recognizes that strategy and execution thrive when they co-exist in one user experience, especially with remote work. With Stratapp, users can access all work, data, conversations, decisions, approvals, requests, ideas, challenges and risks in a way that makes sense to the individual, a team, multiple teams, a function or org-wide. The pre-configured modules, which still allow custom fields and workflows, accelerate the time-to-value, making the app ideal for businesses of all sizes.

Scale without Chaos

Existing remote work collaboration apps create chaos when the organization scales. They are designed around small teams and channels that are manually administered by the creator. By design, they create silos and huge lists/folders of content that are chaotic at 10+ employees. Stratapp is designed to scale without chaos from 2 to 500,000 employees, especially for organizations embracing remote work. The app is powered by custom org design and pre-configured modules, which can then be cascaded flexibly, making it the perfect solution for businesses that want to scale successfully with remote work.

Promote Work-Life Balance

Stratapp also recognizes that there is a strategic opportunity to extend the individual value proposition to solving family life and supporting individual employees on remote work. The app offers a time management module that helps users link their family calendar, set and achieve family and individual goals and streamline family collaboration on to-do’s, chores, shopping, holiday planning and other initiatives. With Stratapp, users can solve personal and work priorities in one experience, making it a valuable tool for employees who are juggling multiple responsibilities and remote work.

Free Time Management App for Remote Work

As the remote work era continues to evolve, is well-positioned to help businesses navigate this new landscape successfully. #stratapp brings people, team and company levels together with a balance between a scalable pre-configured structure and individual flexibility, making remote work successful.