Leading a team, function or company has changed forever. In part thanks to Covid and how that, more than any CEO, CTO or business thought leader, has opened our minds to more flexible ways of working and better ways to leverage new technology.

Regardless of size, business owners and leaders globally are faced with 4 Top Challenges:

  • Strategy Execution
  • Employee Engagement and Wellbeing
  • Productivity and Inclusion
  • Scalable Operating Models and running onsite/hybrid/remote/cross-border teams

#stratapp is a simple Management App that helps you solve all 4 of these Top Challenges in one app.  In this article, we’ll break down how progressive leaders use #stratapp each day.

Progressive Leaders Start Their Day with Social Work

Email replaced the fax machine, and then social messages and chat was supposed to eliminate email.  That didn’t happen, so now most of us are hit with notifications from multiple apps.

Progressive leaders usually start their day on #stratapp’s social work page, filtered to the last 24 hours.  From here they do two things:

  1. Respond to people who are waiting on them to move forward
  2. Create follow-up tasks for themselves and others

The default filter starts at mentions and replies.  Most progressive leaders will select “all” once per day, to see where they can add value to or encourage the work of others.

social work

Progressive Leaders Plan the Day

Progressive leaders understand that planning their day is a critical step towards achieving their goals and staying on top of their priorities. They prioritize their tasks based on dependency and importance and estimate each task accordingly. They also make sure to schedule regular breaks and time for self-care, as they understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

To learn more, the article 9 Easy Steps to Planning Your Day provides a guide on how progressive leaders can effectively plan their day.

Progressive Leaders Check the OKR Dashboard

Progressive leaders regularly check OKRs to assess their team’s progress towards meeting their objectives. They encourage team members to set and monitor their own OKRs, providing guidance and support where needed. By regularly checking OKRs, leaders can identify areas where their team is excelling, as well as areas where they may need additional support.

In the image below, it might be useful for leaders to step into OKRs that are “at risk” (red) and “behind” (yellow).


Progressive Leaders Run a Streamlined Daily Huddle

In addition to planning their own day, progressive leaders recognize the importance of setting a good example for their employees when it comes to time management and planning. They understand that their behavior and actions can have a significant impact on their team’s productivity and morale, and they strive to lead by example.

Progressive leaders run effective daily huddles by following best practices outlined in the article: Make Daily Huddles Awesome. They understand that the best use of their time would be to prioritize supporting their team in overcoming blockers. Progress updates on to-dos can be done asynchronously.