If you know what’s going on, at all levels in the client’s organization, you can add more value. Not only that, the client’s CEO and leadership team have a tangible context for considering your ideas and proposals.

consulting sales today

Consulting sales today are highly dependent on a few key relationships. By investing thoughtful effort into time-consuming lunches, dinners and workshops, consultants try to understand and define the problem, before scoping out potential ways to help.

  • Visibility is subjective and limited to these key relationships
  • Deliverables are point-in-time static documents
  • Consultants get (partly) blamed for subsequent poor execution
  • Onselling additional work takes a lot of time and effort, and some luck

consulting sales in future

#stratapp changes the game on how consulting work gets identified, scoped, sold and delivered. How? #stratapp provides more client insights than any other tech.

  • See everything objectively, at all levels in real time
  • Deliver work in a way that is alive and interactive
  • Derisk your work, by proactively assisting on blockers
  • Onsell with real data, genuine insights and aligned interests

Of course, what the consultant can see and edit inside #stratapp is controlled by the client, ensuring a win:win:win relationship.

more insights than any other tech

Imagine if you could see, in just a few seconds, the exact status and underlying cadence of the client’s:

  • strategy execution across: goals -> sub-goals -> actions -> projects
  • OKRs – balancing strategy execution with daily work live dashboards
  • risks/mitigations/assumptions
  • projects/tasks
  • challenges/ideas
  • meetings/actions
  • employee sentiment and engagement
  • team players/innovators/rising stars
  • interactive global heatmap, showing what’s hot right now

go deeper

Imagine filtering by unlimited combinations of geography, levels, functions, verticals and horizontals. This level of real-time alignment and insight is unprecedented in B2B tech – giving progressive CEOs, leaders, employees and consultants unlimited opportunities to innovate strategy execution and day to day work.

consulting deliverables (no more static docs)

Old school consulting deliverables, in the form of point-in-time static docs, are time-consuming, hugely unproductive, ‘top down’ by nature and fast out of date. One-off project management software doesn’t help either. It is expensive, complex to use and understood by less than 5% of employees. Sustaining strategy execution, business transformation and culture elevation require a fresh new approach and genuine org-wide engagement. With #stratapp, consultants instantly create a digital workspace to collaborate and execute live, together with their clients. A digital workspace that is:

  • agile – alive and interactive, evolving as the execution provides more insights
  • inclusive – a user experience and price that achieves org-wide engagement
  • easy – naturally intuitive, making the time to value of minutes, not weeks
  • lasting – adds value to the client beyond the life of the consulting engagement
  • efficient – helps CTOs to eliminate single-purpose-apps and integrations
  • multi-dimensional – helps every employee execute both strategic and day-to-day work
  • next Gen readymillennials will be 75% of the workforce by 2025

about #stratapp

The author, Ash Richardson, is an ex-Accenture and went on to become a managing partner of Oyster Partners (now DigitasLBi), before leading roles in corporate finance and start-up venture capital. Ash has a deep understanding of the consulting life cycle and the value of onselling. #stratapp helps grow consulting revenue in all 4 quadrants, noting the best LTV:CAC is top-right:

#stratapp is built on Microsoft Service Fabric, runs on Microsoft Azure and feeds content to Microsoft Teams and #slack. #stratapp is a grateful member of the Microsoft startup and cosell programs. #stratapp has experienced co-founders, with a 10 year vision backed by investors who are market leaders. Quick reads: why #stratapp is the best strategy execution app in the world right now radical transparency Atlassian adding structure to social