At #stratapp, we started to think about how to engage 100% of employees, rather than only those folks who are lucky enough to be inside the strat-dev circle.

Why? The historical challenge for business owners, CEOs and management consultants has not been a lack of ideas or the process of strategy development.

The challenge is strategy execution.

To put it bluntly, strategy execution rarely meets expectations, as brilliantly articulated by Richard Rumelt in Good Strategy Bad Strategy.

Here’s how #stratapp helps make strategy execution consistently exceed expectations:

  1. Org-Wide – designed and priced from the outset as an org-wide every-employee user experience
  2. Intuitive – easy to use for all levels, roles and generations – applying what you already know
  3. Context – innovating further on existing social and work collaboration apps, then adding the most important ingredient – the strategic context of why the organization exists and what it is trying to achieve
  4. Daily – adding value to every employee daily, supporting them on both daily and strategic work – thereby making sure the strategic context and goals/objectives/actions/projects remain front of mind
  5. Radical – helping business owners and CEOs actually achieve Ray Dalio’s radical transparency

Strategy execution starts with leadership. Here is a quick video on #stratapp and The Leadership Cycle.

We hope you become a passionate advocate of #stratapp, the strategy execution app that even millennials love.

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